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Our Philosophy


Design is a language which expresses who you are by telling your own story. 

So all interiors matter. They influence how we feel,  how we act and how we connect with a place.

We help you create a culturally unique home where you can experience warmth and elegant simplicity.

It is actually Nature which subtly whispers our colour palette, textures and patterns as each setting  reveals its own special reason for you and your guests to travel there.




The true essence of our team is to provide you with personal solutions, pieces of character

and - above all- long lasting memories. Whether you own a residence, a hotel, a log cabin, a ranch or a simple house in the woods, we´ll be more than delighted to offer you our advice any time you request it.


Our custom-made seal incorporates hand-woven "ponchos", stitched leather placemats, captivating coffee-table books, fur throws, original pieces of furniture and antler chandeliers with a natural and effortless expression.

We enhance art and culture through designing not mere interiors but a residential property which naturally connects your soul and your setting.


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Tel: + 54 9 294 4657226

Elflein 65 - S.C. de Bariloche (8400) - Río Negro - Argentina

As the great grand-daughter of some of the first settlers in Patagonia, and having been born and raised in a ranch- life setting which has inevitably traced my own path, I try and honour this land at all times.

The value of our true Argentinian essence, our people and traditions as well as our artisans and crafts is so immensely original that they have always represented my main source of inspiration.


I feel proud of the wonderful team we have managed to built throughout these years not only for the professionalism expressed at all times but mainly because of the equal passion we all share. 

Feel free to book a consultation or contact us if you'd like to discuss your project with us.

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